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No install, no signups, no logins, pure video chat with screen sharing that just works

posted almost 5 years ago

This looks awesome. Thanks for suggesting. I really want to get us off Google Hangouts.

the best way to chat in one on one super quickly. But with 4 people or more, we could have some experience trouble, and you need a stable bandwith

High video quality, no barrier to get started, feels professional enough for meetings. + You can reuse your room, e.g.

It's peer to peer using webrtc, no central server, downsampling, or signup, but its only as reliable as the weakest connection in the room.

Holy snap. Goodbye Google Hangouts. Up to 8 simultaneous live video connections. Reliable, no signup, no BS. Completely changed our daily video conference workflow.

Requires no download, uber quick to set up a room.

Very good and easy to use. Love that if you've videocall with a stranger, you don't need to give him any personal contact, just a random link

It was alright. I experienced connection issues a few times.

Just learned about and it has become the primary service in short time. Quick setup, quick connection, and only once has there been an audio issue (which happens all to frequently on google hangouts or facetime).

Low-friction, download-free way to get on a call with someone.

One click! What's not to like?! It's much easier to remember a URL than a phone number so saves so much time when you need to jump on a call.

We will switch soon. Difficulties to handle a 5 channel room.


Super simple interface, easy setup, easy screensharing, free!


Often unreliable