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AngelList is a great free way to find talent, although the signal-to-noise ratio can be a bit low at times.

AngelList is a great way to get eye balls on full-time job listings. Also the best way to find out about funding rounds and see what investors typically invest in.

Sometimes good connects. Matches can be much more relevant.

One of the better sources of talent

AngelList is wordclass at finding the talent you need for your startup.

have been a fan of this brand, platform, and founders who use this community to build them startup

Like: 1. Good UX/UI. Dislike: The problem with maintaining a profile.

AngelList has a great ability to source from active candidates when they are looking. You can then use integration with Lever to track the candidate through interviews when you match with them.

They have the minimum needed to track candidates and schedule interviews. It also has some collaboration features to share notes within the team.