Amazon Web Services (AWS) Route 53 Reviews 2018

Cloud Domain Name System (DNS) web service




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Integrated into the rest of AWS, and also now supports domain name registration so that all our bills as in one place. What's not to like?

Very feature rich. Allows dynamic records which point to load balancers, cloudfront distributions, etc

Surprisingly good. Has some nifty integrations if you use AWS like routing directly to S3 buckets. Saved our bacon when we were on national TV.

Integrates tightly with other AWS services, has configurable routing policies. Easy to import existing zone records.

yes, I recommend. we use aws for all of our cloud service and back-end.

Reliable uptime. Functional dashboard. Web dev friendly.

There are a lot of tutorial videos and conferences, so it's not so hard to start it.

Easy to use. Great experience so far.

Pros: - Easy to setup - Integrates very well with other AWS Services Cons: - when using outside the AWS eco-system, quite hard

Like: 1. Various routing policies like Weighted Routing Policy, Latency based Routing Policy, Failover Routing Policy, Geolocation Routing Policy which we can use according to our needs. 2. Good UI which is easy to use. Dislike: 1. Lack of intuitive documentation.

Yes, if your workloads are on AWS, this makes it very easy to connect your services to a new or existing domain name.

Great and cheap for startup, and some accelerators in JP have coupon to use it.

It's simple, affordable, easy, and I have full control.

It just works. Can't ask for anything more.

Simple and easy to setup, use and idrock solid -- never had an issue.

Works well if you use cloud formation to provision your resources. Otherwise, not any better or worse than other solutions.

The Route 53 Integration with the rest of AWS is why we use Route 53. In general, it works very well, especially compared to the tools of smaller registrars. Easy SSL certificates are great, too.

Easy to keep DNS, registrations, etc all in one place.

Very fast and easy to use. Integrates with all the other AWS services which is a great benefit.

Has 2FA and there is not a shared password. Every user gets his/her own login.

Really fast TTLs. Integrates with the rest of our stuff nicely.

Simple, easy and already inside our infra

I preferred this to dnsimple. More reliable.

Great if you're pointing them to EC2 instances