Amazon Web Services (AWS) Reviews 2018

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Huge range of configurable options. Fairly easy to upgrade or downgrade both capacity and performance. Good range of images out of the box, easy to clone and launch new instances, good load balancing features. Plenty of regions to keep latency low. Main negative is cost, but generous credits for new YC companies.

Tons of YC credit, fast and reliable. Everything we need is available and we're very familiar with it all.

Use spot instances to save crazy amounts of money. You can bid high enough to almost never get kicked and still pay only a small fraction of the normal price–much cheaper even than reserved instances.

Lack of responsible tooling requires constant vigilance to avoid single vendor lock-in. Very hard to create test harnesses that do not assume a fast and reliable internet connection.

PRO: Does pretty much everyone yet still lets you use industry standards for a number of services. If you plan your architecture carefully, you can avoid lock-in but still make use of all their managed services. Great docs and great access to support. CON: Can be complicated and requires a lot of understanding of system architecture, design and HA planning. Massive amount of documentation can be a burden too when just getting started. Also, lack of a built-in VPN solution in a pain for startups that are 100% cloud-based.

Great responsiveness from Derek Dukes (Amazon rep. for YC). Great onboarding deals. Also just happens to be a pretty good and widely used platform.

Everything you could ever need, if you're willing to climb the learning curve.

We use AWS for hosting our website/monitoring, our API is hosted on bare metal servers using a lot of different providers

Extremely happy; it's got everything we need and is affordable for our scale.


Fairly reliable. Using their interface takes some getting used to, but once configured, works well. Have run into an issue a few times where there were no servers available during a deploy, so builds fail.

Extremely powerful API with tons of different product offerings. Much more expensive than the equivalent power of dedicated servers, but greatly reduces sysadmin work (if you know what you are doing)

All of the other services make you depend heavily on their apis. Maybe they're faster to get started with, but ultimately, you're going to end up with some kind of elastic cloud stack.

AWS does everything we need it to and when new use cases come up they almost always have a boxed solution ready to go.

Broad range of services that cover everything you can possibly need and unrivalled pricing.

Do not like the confusing, unpredictable pricing.

AWS has everything. It might not be the best of everything, but if you need it it's right there. And it's trusted. It's probably a truism at this point that nobody ever gets fired for going with AWS.

Basic tier is free and credits are easily accessible. But beware, many EC2, the basic tierof AWS, instances can rake up your bills to around $150 a month. In any case do register for AWS Activate. The programme gives some credits to start off.

Great security infrastructure. Everything is highly customizable. Documentation can be a bit confusing.

Tons of products with very robust documentation.

Pros: industry standard, powerful cloud capabilities. Cons: reserved pricing is clunky

Mostly EB and CF but all in all stable and consistent offerings

Love AWS. (Not AWS SES for mail sending though). Easiest to find developers for. Industry standard.


Good value, easy to use.

Super solid, albeit still a bit expensive



They have 70%+ market share for a reason.

Generally the best price and most mature offerings


Basically every you'd need. Tempting to go for alternatives for cost savings, but ultimately staying with AWS has saved us time.

Great product, very straight forward.

Extensive resources and unparalleled reliability.